Reebok Freestyle Fan Club is back!


Relaunching a part of our lives… Reebok Freestyle Fan Club is back!!

We are proud to announce the new web and the new Reebok Freestyle Fan Club line to get closer to the thousands of fans who love the best sneakers in the world.

It´s been a long way to relaunch the fansite, too many problems and a lack of time to work in it… but now here it is. A new style, much simple, faster and with a better navigation and structure to find what you want…

A great collection of Reebok Freestyle (impressive database with lots of colours and styles) growing up every day where you can find your own Reebok Freestyles or the RFH of your dreams.

Also we will have a lot of surprises to satisfied all kind of fans… So stay in touch these next days…


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