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“Reeboks can be matched in so many different ways, keep experimenting!”

Clara Liew is a young blogger from Singapore, owner of  “Faking Lies” fashion blog in which we have found a precious gold mine of Reebok Freestyle sneaker. Also we have discovered a detail fashionist and a a lot of great picture of her and his life, including high quality pictures of food, events, cool outfits and other stuff….

RFFC: We love your blog “Faking Lies” and the title “Tales”,  it shows a very nice and fashionable lady.
Clara: Thank you…

RFFC: Why Reebok Freestyle? What is special with them? 
Clara: They are Comfortable and cool

RFFC: What is your opinion of retro-clothing? In your opinion what is the most beautiful retro stuff on fashion?
Clara: I am not a fan of retro clothing

RFFC: In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this sneakers?
Clara: They are comfortables, easy to match and looks very nice, but in the other hand the shape of the front of the shoe can be better.


RFFC:  How do you combine Reebok Freestyles in summer? and what about winter?
Clara: In summer with shorts and crop tank top… and in winter with jeans or leggings and a knit sweater

RFFC: Tell us about your blog… what is your blog about? What is your aim with it?
My blog is My aim is to show my unique sense of style. I love to match glamourous pieces with grungy and casual pieces. For example, I like to wear jewelry with diamonds with pants, instead of dresses. I spend a lot of time working on my blog’s content.


RFFC: We know you have posted some Reebok Freestyle contents, are you thinking about post another post of them? Why?
Clara: Yes, I would definitely post more outfit photos with my Reebok sneakers because they’re so easy to match and look so good.

RFFC: In your opinion, do you think ReebokFreestyleFanClub as a Fansite is a good idea? Why?
Clara: Yes. It allows fans to exchange ideas and styling tips.

RFFC: Do you want to say some words to the Reebok Freestyle fans?
Clara: Reeboks can be matched in so many different ways, KEEP EXPERIMENTING!





SINGAPORE. 20 años.

Mi blog: Tales


>A book:
-奇幻旅館 by 林詠琛
> A song:
“One minute one second” by Epik High
>A film:
Coco Before Chanel
>Favourite clothing:
Anything black


Reebok Freestyle Alicia Keys 2012.

Talla: US6

Alicia Keys Black Piano 2012

Clara Liew is owner of Tales , fashion blog.

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