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We met Luly when we were searching for bright coloured Reebok Freestyle and we fell in love with her awesome style, a mix of japanese street outfits and a very care 80s style. We also found a lovely girl with a huge smile and nice words who loved the idea of being part of our fan community doing this interview. Of course her beautiful Reebok Freestyle were the center of our purpose and we found in her a very great Reebok Freestyle Fan.


RFFC: Hi, Luly! We love your style! It is an alternative and modern beautiful way to dress. How do you define your outfits?
Luly: Thank you! Well, I like a lot japanese street fashion but I focus on fairy kei style, is a mix of 80s + pastel colors, there is a store in Japan call Spank! The owner Tavuchi, is great influence on my style, I just like to mix fun 80s culture with japanese modern style.

RFFC: Tell us about your fashion style references?
I love the 80s, not only the fashion, but music, toys and movies, I’m always looking for 80s art too to get inspired. Love neons, pastel colors and geometric figures, all these things influence my style, and of course japanese street styles, they are so creative and unique!

RFFC: We have found very beautiful photos in your blog wearing some pairs of Reebok Freestyle, how many pairs do you have? which models?
Luly: Thank you! I have only three pairs, in Brazil is so hard to get freestyle and to get outside Brazil is very expensive. I don’t know the name of the models I have, but I have one in black with neon graffitti, one in white with lots of colorful polkadots and other pair in pastel pink.


RFFC: Why Reebok Freestyle? What is special with them? 
Luly: Well, I’m a 80s girl and Reebok freestyle was such a strong trend from the 80s, I remember when I was a kid, that a girls dream was to have all the freestyle colors, and I still have this dream!

RFFC: Where and when did you wore Reebok Freestyle for the first time?
Luly: The first time, was a long time ago, I was about 14 years old and where hum, where at my first trip to Disney World!

RFFC: What is your opinion of retro-clothing? In your opinion what is the most beautiful retro stuff on fashion?
Luly: I really like retro clothing, I think designers don’t have more creativity and all the things from the past decades come back.


RFFC: What do think about alternative styles? What people say about your
bright outfits?

Luly: I love alternative fashion, is fun and creative I like to dress myself with my personality. People say that I’m very creative and has a good taste in matching colors and clothes, I really like the way I dress myself.

RFFC:  You are from Brazil, that´s cute! Have you seen Reebok Freestyle fans like you in your country? Do you know people (friends, family, etc.) who wear them too?
Luly: Yeah I am, I’m from Rio Grande do Sul the south part of Brazil, I really like my state! As told before, in Brazil is so hard to find Reebok Freestyle, so I don’t see much people wearing it, I wish I could see more, because Reebok freestyle have so many unique models.  I have some friends in who follow japanese fashion or 80s fashion that has Reebok freestyle, but not too many.

RFFC:  We can imagine your Reebok Freestyle were point of conversation in one or two times… what they say about them? Do you think is a loved shoe?
Luly: I just love them so much, if I had the money and conditions to go to USA all the time, because there they have all the models and they are easy to find, I will go to get them! I just wish I have more colors, I would use them everyday for sure.


RFFC:  The Reebok Freestyle is a retro sneaker model from mostly from 80s and 90s, what is your opinion about retro-clothing?
Luly: I love it, I’m a 80s girl like I said before and if I have the guts to wear full 80s outfit and go out on streets I would! hahah but I can’t here in my city people are so square I think I dress normal and people stare what I wear, so imagine me in full 80s!
I just think 80s decade was the most crazy and creative decade, for me the best!

RFFC: We know you have a great fashion taste, what is your choice to combine your Reebok Freestyle sin summer? And what about the winter?
Luly: Thanks again, so I think they look awesome with skater dresses for the summer, and winter time I should wear them with skinny colorful pants and maxi sweater, they match with all my clothes, dresses, skirts and pants.

RFFC: In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of these sneakers?
Luly: I love them, so the only bad thing is they don’t are in my city!

RFFC: If you could design a Reebok Freestyle model? How it could be?
Luly: Ahhhhh I have so many ideas <o> I like a lot geometric design, so I would do a square, with pastel lines and triangles and polka dots all together mixing black with pastel colors.

RFFC: We have male fans, would you say the Reebok Freestyle is an only female shoe or it could be unisex? Why?
Luly: Oh no, I think is unisex, so if you have style to wear them it doens’t matter if you are female or male, just enjoy your time using it!


RFFC: Reebok Freestyle straps On or straps Off?
Luly: It depends, I think is more confortable straps on or if you want to do a more slim look, but with biz legwarmers I think looks cuter with straps off.

RFFC: We love your Reebok Freestyle posts in your blog, hope to see more of you wearing them soon? Have you thinking about future post with them or a RFH review?
Luly: Thanks a lot, yeah sure I love to wear my RFH btw I did a blog post about reebok freestyle, but I want to make a review about them, showing people how beautiful they are and confortable.

RFFC:  Tell us about a funny (or not so funny) curiosity o testimony about you and your Reebok Freestyles.
Luly: I don’t if is funny heheh, but one day an old lady stop me on street saying that she liked my RFH, and I was awwwwn cute lady, and she was very modern!


RFFC: If you want to buy another pair of Reebok Freestyle, which model would be?
Luly: Gosh, hard question! But I love the pastel colors one, if I could get any I would be very happy, or the polkadots in black and white are very cute too.

RFFC: In your opinion, do you think ReebokFreestyleFanClub as a Fansite is a good idea? Why?
Luly: Sure, and I didn’t know about the fanclub, I was very happy to know that more people all arround the world still like RFH, such a classic sneaker. And why is a good idea? Well, just to be able to share our opinions and photos, this is why is good to have a fanclub, RFH deserve it!

RFFC: We have a huge fan community around the world. Do you want to say some words to the Reebok Freestyle crowd? 😉
Luly: Sure, well first I want to thank you for the oportunitty to share my love for Reebok Freestyle, I felt very honor to be part of these colorful and unique world of the RFH.

I just want to say, to be yourself, to use your colorful or one color RFH just use whatever you want, don’t listen to the others and be happy to be who you are.

Thank you very much <3


A book:
Mil Tsurus – Kawabata Yasunari
A song:
Icehouse – Eletric Blue
A film:
Gosh,  have a lot of movies, hum Pretty in Pink
Favourite clothing:
Favourite color:

Luly is the owner of the fashion blog ““.

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  • Luly Salle

    Hey guys ♡

    Thank you very much for the opportunity, I’m so happy and honor to do this interview, I really like RFH is one of my favorites sneaker!


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