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We are proud to present to you our first Reebok Freestyle guy Fan …

David Summers is a Fan of Reebok Freestyles since the great era of the 80´s, he introduce himself as a shy guy but an active Fan of Freestyles in public and show his love for this sneakers everytime he can. He is searching for new Fans of Reebok Freestyles and recognisses ReebokFreestyleFanClub is a great way to find people who share the same tastes. So go ahead David and be one of our guy fans! We love to see men wearing Reebok Freestyles!

RFFC: Why Reebok Freestyle? What is special with them? 
David: They are sexy and comfortable and it’s nice to wear a sneaker that not many guys wear. I feel really good when I wear my Reeboks out in public and have had a number of nice comments from women who have seen me wear them.

RFFC: Are you surprised more guys do not wear Reebok Freestyles?
It’s a big surprise, however the shoe has always been branded as a sneaker for women so I think a lot of men are put off by that. They shouldn’t be, though, and I would love to think that more guys would admit wearing the Reebok Freestyle on this very site.

RFFC: Why do you think Reebok Freestyles are still popular?  
David: They are clearly still popular among the older generation because they have owned a pair for years and don’t want to ever stop wearing them. As far as the younger generation is concerned, Reebok is making them fashionable due to the current popularity of owning things from the 80s. As far as my era is concerned (I’m 35) – when I was a teenager in the early 1990s I remember so many girls wearing them when I first began dating so they will always have a place in my heart.



RFFC: When did you start wearing them?
David: I bought my first pair of Reebok Freestyle (US size 12 wide) in 1995 in Texas at a Reebok outlet store. I still have them to this day and wear them quite frequently. I will NEVER give them up! Unfortunately they have stopped making the shoe in a wide fitting so the other pairs I have (all size 12) took a lot of wearing before they were as comfortable and easy to wear as my original pair.

RFFC: What is your opinion of retro-clothing? In your opinion what is the most beautiful retro stuff on fashion?
David: I love the fact that a shoe that was so popular in the early 1980s is still available for the people today to wear and love.

RFFC: In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this sneakers?

David: There is no disadvantage to this sneaker. The Reebok Freestyle has a classic, simple look that will always be fashionable.

RFFC: How do you combine Reebok Freestyles in summer? and what about winter?
David: I like to wear my Reeboks in the summer with 3/4 length shorts and a nice T-shirt and baseball cap. In the winter, I wear them with jeans with tongue on one of the shoes exposed.

RFFC: We know you have posted some Reebok Freestyle contents, are you thinking about post another post of them? Why?
David: I am still relatively shy about my love of Reebok Freestyles so for now I am happy to post pictures of my shoes but I do not yet have the courage to post full-length pictures of me wearing them.

RFFC: In your opinion, do you think ReebokFreestyleFanClub as a Fansite is a good idea? Why?
David: It’s a marvellous idea. There are SO many people out there with a love of this shoe and, up until now, they have not had an online meeting place.

RFFC: Do you want to say some words to the Reebok Freestyle fans?

David: Please guys, do not be scared to wear your Freestyles out in public. And please, girls, if you see us guys wearing our Reeboks in public then come up and chat to us and let us know what you think.



>A book:
Anything on the JFK conspiracy

> A song:
Jason Mraz – ‘Lucky’

>A film:
Shawshank Redemption

>Favourite clothing:
Has to be my Reebok Freestyles!

Age 35
Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Reebok Freestyle Classic White.
Size: US12 wide
And a huge Reebok Freestyle collection!

White Classics

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